Childhood Memories: Larry “The Legend” Bird

For the most part I had a really good childhood. I was a dreamer. I hoped for big things. Not like the biggest toy but I hoped to do big things in my life. Things were so easy back then. I didn’t have a care in the world. All I needed were three simple things to make me happy. SPORTS, SPORTS, and MORE SPORTS.

When I was younger I watched ESPN Basketball Classics almost religiously. I love all sports but basketball was my favorite. Watching ESPN Classics was so inspiring because the most played episodes were the Magic Johnson versus Larry Bird rivalry. Arguably, the best sports rivalry ever.

I idolized Larry “the Legend.” Sometimes calling him “the Great White Hope” or my favorite nickname, “the Basketball Jesus.”

Yes, he was white. I could relate. He had absolutely no physical ability. I could definitely relate. He was the only player in NBA history to ever exhibit a mustache, mullet combo. I couldn’t relate since I couldn’t grow facial hair yet but there was something about him that meant something to me. I don’t know maybe it was that special winning shot he made every time.

Watching him play and playing basketball by myself I dreamed. I dreamed playing a whole game in my head. I would pretend that I was number 33 with only 3 seconds on the shot clock shooting the last shot before the buzzer. Three… two… one… the shot is up… AND IT’S GOOD!!!! Bird wins the game!!!!! I still do that to this day.

I should dream those dreams more often.

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